Question about optimizing streaming network.

I am curious about others experiences with network optimization. I know this is a can of worms. I use a fiber media converter with a SMPS wall wart, and a Sonore Optical module with a LPS after a 30 ft run of copper ethernet, to isolate the streamer from upstream network noise. It would seem that any noise on the "dirty side" should be eliminated by the fiber optic, so I have paid no real attention, except for the use of good quality ethernet cable, to trying to clean up the network on the upstream or "dirty" side of the optical cable. For instance, I still use SMPS wall warts on the modem and router. They are physically distant from the streamer and on a different AC circuit from the audio system.  Although that approach seems logical, I was wondering if anyone has found any added benefit to adding linear power supplies or adding ethernet optimization on the "dirty side" of the fiber optic link. 

I understand there are plenty of naysayers and lots of threads on this topic, but interested in hearing from others experience who are using this same fiber optic approach to their streaming networks. Thanks!


I use an  IFi power x for both of my FMC boxes. The Ifi on the FMC closest to my front end made a very noticeable improvement but the other one connected via ethernet cable to my router, not as much

I do it as assurance that I will not introduce any additional noise into my system.

Like buying car insurance....

A iFi power supply for $69.00 should do the trick. Like calling The General. iFi iPower Low Noise DC Power Supply with International Travel Adapters 9V - Upgrade Your Audio/Video/Electronics : Electronics