Question for Acrolink / Mexcell power cord owners ; especially the 7N PC 9900 model

Hello Audiogoners - a quick question on the above mentioned power cord. I am looking into this power cord for my Esoteric Grandioso K1x CD player and would like to know your thoughts on the sonic characteristics of this power cord. If you have listened to it please let me know and if you did not buy one and possibly went with something I would also appreciate that information. Thank you in advance.

@garebear - I have not tried this power cable, but I am very familiar with cable design approaches and this cable looks to be very good.

However, another cable that would probably offer a very similar level of performance is the Hijiri brand.

So perhaps you could ask how these two cables might compare over on the Hijiri thread, since most people on that thread have used exceptional power cables before and they may have come across this cable

Regards - Steve


Your Grandioso has internal wiring made by Acrolink.  The cable you are speaking about is way too rich for my blood but the Acrolink 4030 power cord made a huge difference for the better of my Esoteric UX3.  I also use a pair of Acrolink mid priced RCA audio cables and a mid priced Acrolink digital cable and they were the best I heard for the money. If you can afford the cable, you can’t go wrong. 

Good afternoon Stereo5 and thank you for your response as I knew that there just had to be somebody out there that has used these cables and especially the power cords. I just retired and the Grandioso was my personal gift and I was told that I should get an Esoteric / Acrolink power cord for this CD player. I have obviously heard of Acrolink but I have never heard the cables. If you could ; impart your sonic opinion of what you think these cables sound like as that would be a great help to me. I just hope that they are not strident or too analytical as that is not the direction I want my system to lean to. Also, The Cable Company does not have any for loan.

@garebear ,

Congratulations on retirement and the Grandioso, it is the top tier of Esoteric. The Acrolink cables are very special. I will say after installing the power cord and interconnects, my bass was even tighter than it had been and there was a richness to the sound that wasn’t fully there before. I do not like analytical and the Acrolink doesn’t fall into that category. I wish I could afford to wire my entire system with them but the cost would be astronomical.   I tried the Cable Co. but found it to be a waste of time.  I bought mine used from here.  I bought the power cord from Perotta Consulting and the interconnects from a store in Canada.  The digital cable came from a private seller here.

I just saw this thread. I rarely visit the Cable thread these days and mostly hang out on the Amp and Speaker threads. I don’t have experience with the 7N PC9900 which I believe is the top of the line Acrolink cord. However, I do have the older PC9700 and PC8100.

I just love what the Acrolink cords do in my system. I would recommend to try at least one of the Acrolinks in the system. They surely do not sound strident or analytical. Their house sound is rather warm, smooth and full-bodied with a nice airy tube-like glow in the treble. The Acrolink cords made all my cheaper cords sound grainy and harsh in comparison (Supra Lorad, Wireworld Elektra 7 etc.)

The latest PC9900 should be an improvement over the PC8100 and 9700. Based on my positive experiences with the 9700 and 8100, I suspect the 9900 would have a higher chance of bringing satisfaction rather than disappointment.

A note is these Acrolink cords are rather stiff and cannot be bent into a small radius.

Good luck.

Just to add. Apart from the power cord, the quality of wall outlet will also matter. In my system, the Furutech GTX-D NCF combined with the Acrolink cords truly elevated my system to a higher level of performance.