Question for Parasound Hint 6 owners

I was told it was not only "ok" but beneficial to leave solid state equipment on all the time. I had been shutting off my Hint 6 because i wasn't using it that much. Been using it more lately so i decided to leave it on and IT GETS VERY HOT even when not used. Came home after work and put my hand on

1) is it normal for this unit to get hot even when not in use?
2) should i just shut it off?

3) Unrelated. Which input gives best sound? generic laptop using USB playing 320 mb files? Ipad using Aux on front? I do not yet own a streamer and only own ipad, laptop, and CD player connected with digital coax.

I just want to get  the most out of this amazing amp.

Some equipment does get left on. But not the HINT. No reason to leave your HINT on. I think it even addresses this in the manual, if I’m not mistaken. What is hot? If you can rest your hand on it for a bit, that’s fine. If you can’t touch it, that’s hot. The HINT runs pretty cool overall, how is your clearance around the unit? To the other question, your comp to USB will generally be the better option of the two.
I've got the Hint and it stays on from 6am to about 11pm and it's never even gotten very warm much less hot, even when cranking it pretty hard. I don't know what you have going on there unless it's crammed in somewhere with no breathing room.