Question regarding cable balance

I have an issue attempting to fine tune my system with Virtual Dynamic interconnects. Running an ic from Jadis preamp to Joule amps driving Avalon Eidelons is either an Exodus or a Revelation. The revelation offers greater density and bottom weight, but compared to the Exodus sacrifices speed, inner detail, and depth of sound stage. With the exodus, though, I experience a lesser sense of almost hi-fi-ishness presentation. Also, a bit more strident. I have played with power cables, which have either added unwanted color or further exacerbated the thinness I wish to ameliorate.

Any suggestions on a cable, which when combined with similar components will have the body without sacrificing delineation?

Thanks, Steve

Here's a review on the interconnects that I have. They're $5,000.00 but handily beat my Stealth Indra, VD Revelation Signature, Silent Source Music Reference and a few others also with very expensive prices.

My CH Acoustic (formerly CH Technologies before the discovered naming conflict) interconnect, speaker cable cables and power cords unbelievably sound like absolutely nothing. I've never heard more from my system than with these cables. I've weird listening, but not feeling like you're hearing anything from the cables but the music.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the recommendation. My concern is on the performance of a wire within specific combination of components. I believe most cables offer up great neutrality or color, depending on what one seeks, but yet have I seen a universal product extracting the best from all. I have long used FIM, Siltech, Elrod and Virtual with pleasingly results...but now I am finding with added furniture in the listening space, unwanted highs or anemic lows have crept in. The exchanging of the amp/preamp ic has varied in large the bottom and low extensions. Hoping to find that cord to bring it all together.