Questions about biamping

I recently sold my speakers from my second system and was thinking about biamping my main system. I have a CJ 16LS S2 preamp and a Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier. I am thinking about using the Model 10 for the bottom and my Sonic Frontiers SFM 160 monoblocks from my second system for the top. The Model 10 is 150 watts and the Sonic Frontiers is 160 watts. Do I need a crossover or can I just hook up both amps to the preamp? Would the difference in watts make a difference? Thanks for any help.
you may have a possibility of connecting them straight just with y-connector but still you will have to research their input sensitivity in order to compare their gain in dB and if it doesn't match you will have to use at least an extra volume controll for the higher gain amplifier.
You need to find out how much gain each amplifier has, because I think this will make one amplifier louder than the other if you hook it up to the same preamp.
The safest bet would be to use the same amplifier for top and bottom.

You won't need a crossover. However, you will need to have gain control on at least one of the amps. Even though stated wattage is similar, they won't be identical with gain in output vs volume gain. If it were me, I would set the volume to about where I do my normal listening and then set the gain to balance lows/highs. If you are lucky, this setting will remain constant for the whole listening spectrum.
Try it to see if you like it????