Quick poll How long have you been in this hobby?

I can already here answers like ''much too long'' ! So, how long in number of years, (or months!) ?
I remember "assisting" my dad building some speaker enclosures back in the late 50's and since then have always had some kind of system going. He sucked me in at an early age and have been in it ever since...I can't imagine a world without music!
1980, when I heard my first ever high-end setup (large maggies, don't recall the other gear) and was "blown away" by the realism! Been chasing the elusive audio holy grail ever since!
0ver 34 years...man I'm old. Bought a Pioneer SX-1050 receiver, a pair of Sansui SP-7500X speakers and a Technics SL-1400 when I was in Korea in 77.