Quick Question to any ; Kharma DB-7's owners.....

I hope all is well with everyone and I just would like to know how the base presentation is with these speakers ? I understand that they are a 2.5 design but the many reviews I have read have indicated that the bass on them is very good. I have a medium sized living room and these would fit in there very well at 100 lbs. However, I am also looking at the DB-9's but they are a much bigger and heavier speaker at 130 lbs. I guess the main question is on the DB-7's is ; can they play rock and roll that will sound realistic and true to the source for 2.5 design ? Thank you in advance.      
I had a pair of 2 way floor standing speakers for many years.  It used a Scanspeak 6 1/2 inch woofer and a Scanspeak silk dome tweeter. They were the best Rock speakers I ever had.  The bass was unbelievable.  When my brother came by for a listen, he thought I had hidden a pair of subs somewhere.  The bass was very deep and tight and articulate.  The speakers were Odyssey Lorelei.   Best $2900 I ever spent.  Like the idiot I am, I got sucked in to an ad on Von Schweikert speakers that a $3200 speaker  sounded like a 15K speaker.  We all know how that worked out🙁
Last week I was picking up my new Diablo 300 and the dealer had the Kharma Elegance DB-9 paired with Boulder separates that I listened to for a while.  Beautiful presentation.  In addition he had the 2 way Elegance S7 in his smaller space.  They connected these to a Hegel integrated (not sure the model) and they filled the space with authority somewhat surprising for their configuration.  The Dharma did take on and portray the character of the upstream equipment in my opinion.  Our discussion did touch on the 2.5 DB-7 as another option if more bass was required over the S7. Not sure it would be depending on the size of the systems room.  My space is almost identical to the demo of the S7 at 14’ x 16’. 

Hello Stereo5 - thank you but not sure what your response has to do with my particular question about Kharma speakers ??? Hmmmm - puzzled to say the least but thank you.

Thank you drsutliff - as your response was helpful and gives me more information to work with. Also Congratulations on the Gryphon Diablo 300 I have '' heard '' some very good things on the piece. Enjoy and thank you     


I was referring to your 2 1/2 way speakers compared to the 2 ways I had.  Sorry I wasn't more clear.