Quicksilver 8417 monos modified for EL34s

I have Quicksilver mono 8417 amps and have been suffering the ridiculous unreliability of GE 8417 output tubes in recent years and, although I enjoy the sound quality I get from these Quicksilver amplifiers, I'm at a point where the frustration factor is at a point where I'm considering moving on to something more reliable (e.g., Plinius SS amp). But, since I've been informed by Mike Sanders, the designer of the Quicksilver amps, that they can "modify the 8417 amps to use EL34s. Customers who have gone this route are very happy with the results. EL34 tubes sound great, are reliable, and cost less than many other output tubes."
Is there a knowledge base out there regarding the cost and reliability of the EL34 output tubes in these Quicksilver amps?
My friend has Quickies M60 the large ones with EL34(he changed for EI Yugos recently) and they have an outstanding built quality. Quicksilver amps are the real sleepers. Don't throw them or you'll miss that sweetness otherwise!
While I have not heard the modified Quicksilver amps, the EL34 tube is used in many amps and there is a lot of info available on this tube if you search around. Try the tube forum over at audioasylum.com. I have owned the Quicksilver 8417 amps as well as the Silver 90's. Great amps. I think the modification does lower the power output, which may affect the sound, depending on your speakers. I would think long and hard before giving up the Quicksilvers for a SS amp, though (unless you have a speaker like the Spendor). I tried this-tried several highly regarded amps-Classe, Audio Refinement, NAD. None of them were satisfying. Didn't want to spend a lot of money so I bought an AMC tube amp. Even with the lowly AMC, I have not heard any SS amp that has this kind of midrange, except maybe a Rowland at about $5K. However, if I had known that Quicksilver was going to modify the 8417 amps, I would never have sold mine.