Quicksilver 8417 monos versus Mini Mites

Well, I saw this comment on Ebay written by someone selling his old 8417 quicksilvers.  I love the 8417 amps and have four of them...but I feel bad playing them...wearing out the 8417s, so I hook them up ever so often...listening to the mini mites in the mean time (using GE6550, Tungsol6550, Sylvania6550-favorite).....but I totally agree with his comments and learned of a different rectifier tube that could be used with the 8417.  PS I own a pair of  Mid Monos...they sit looking gorgeous..
Ebay seller comment: "Quicksilver 8417s .  Harder to come by these days. I have derived much pleasure from these but just not doing audio like I use to so I'm keeping my lesser Quicksilver mini mites for my purposes, but they are not anywhere near the sonic quality of the 8417 tube nor do those have the tube rectification the 8417 monoblocks do. I encourage you to do your research and learn about the sound. Obviously you have an interest since your looking at the listing. Sanders doesn't design for "looks" as you can see these are basic blocks, but his stuff is always dependable, rugged and great sounding. The iron is heavy. Each block weights about 30 pounds. The tube compliment for each is: Two 8417 power tubes, Two 5AR4/GZ34 rectifiers (however, you can use the GZ37/CV378 rectifiers, which I have for years), 1 12AX7 and 12AU7/12BH7.  I prefer the 12BH7 or 12BH7A in that slot. "
Bored at stay at home...I just replaced the mini mites with quicksivers 8417 hooked up to Sequerra  met  7 Mark  6 and his Met 9 Mark ii ribbon tweeters......8417 sing and are sweet...and the bass. Holy cow..  Back to listening.  lu