Quicksilver V4's with the Gallo Ref. 3's?

I've got the Quicksliver M80's hooked up to my Anthony Gallo Reference 3's now, and I must say they sound great. I would like a little more power though, to match the solid state bass amp that will be available next year for the second voice coil. I've read the V4's are particular about which speakers they're mated to. Has anyone used them with the new Gallos yet? If so, how did it sound?


I am using the Gallo's with a pair of V4's with KT90's. The bass is good but not great and I will buy their bass amp when it becomes available. I have heard the Gallo's with 2 solid state amps, Ayre and Counterpoint, and though the bass was more powerful I thought the midrange was not as good. I think that the right way to use these speakers is with tubes and the SS amp from Gallo when available. Overall, I really like the speakers.

I am not sure if I answered your question regarding the V4's and the Gallo's. They are a great match in the right sized room. My room is 36x21x8 and is at the outside range for use of the Gallo's without the bass amp. In my living room which is 23x13x8 the V4's and the Gallo's worked extremely well. The V4's put out about 170 watts with the KT90's and are really well matched for the Gallo's.

Good Luck,
It was the match question that I was asking, and your second post does answer it. I think I will plan on an upgrade in the near future.
Thanks Joe