Quiet refrigerators?

Can anyone recommend any particularly quiet refrigerators brands/models?

I have an older refrigerator that makes an excessive amount of noise. Even at it's quietest, it's noticeable when I'm listening to music. I've tried cleaning the coils, but only had limited success reducing the noise. There's also no real way for me to get any more distance between my stereo and refrigerator.

Preferably under $1000, since that would cut substantially into my audio budget. :-)

Thanks for any help!

I am a dummy. I subscribe to Consumer Reports on line. Never thought to examine Sub Zero's dismal record.
Mknowles16 I wouldn't freely offer Ozfly the chance to call you dumb? Ask "Valleyplastic" about his Viking built-in refridgerator, his story would make for a Television mini-series!
Hmm- Does his saga include being told by a snotty manager at customer (dis)service that the component failure may have been caused by his inability to close the door completely?

That really frosted my ass!
Mknowles16, Last I heard was 2 Service Reps., & 1 Service Mgr. where flown in. Spending considerable time posing like the 3 See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil Monkies.
Mknowles, I should have responded sooner -- I offered the Consumer Reports ratings only as confirmation, not as implication ;-) By the way, I purchased a Kenmore washer that was top ranked by Consumer Reports only to find that it eats up clothes (not quite literally)! Months later, CR started to say that it does that. Even when you research, things can go wrong. Oh well. At least life's interesting.