Quiet refrigerators?

Can anyone recommend any particularly quiet refrigerators brands/models?

I have an older refrigerator that makes an excessive amount of noise. Even at it's quietest, it's noticeable when I'm listening to music. I've tried cleaning the coils, but only had limited success reducing the noise. There's also no real way for me to get any more distance between my stereo and refrigerator.

Preferably under $1000, since that would cut substantially into my audio budget. :-)

Thanks for any help!
A number of refrigerators have "quiet packages" and cost under $1,000. Check out the GE or Maytag websites for example. You may be able to get an actual db reading on those sites. I tried to get to my Consumer Reports website for specific info but can't get in for some reason -- I'm a member and tried to resubscribe and they wouldn't let me. Well, I'm not voting for Ralph Nader!!!! ;-)
I went through this process about 3 years ago. At the time the Maytag top freezer models were supposed to be about the quietest conventional types. The side by sides are noisier. I bought a Maytag 24 cu. ft. unit for about $1000. It's pretty quiet, but the main reason it's quiet is it doesn't run much. It can make some wierd sounds when it's self-defrosting, though. I think the key to getting a quiet refrigerator is getting an efficient one. They all make some noise, but are nearly silent when idle.

My fridge is about 12 feet behind my listening chair, in a semi-enclosed kitchen, and I rarely notice the noise, and I don't play my music loud at all (65dB avg). My HVAC system is far noisier than the fridge.

I've read that if you can spend big bucks, you can get remote compressor models that are very quiet, but I've never heard them.
I know you said you have a limited budget, but if you hit the lottery and get a chance to buy a SubZero-DON'T!!

Mine underwent more than six service calls in less than a year. Repairman determined it was incorrectly wired at the factory. Also many repairmen told me the units are prone to problems.

After too much negotiating, I got a replacement from the company.

It is dead quiet, though.
Mknowles, Sub-Zero has, by far, the worst brand repair history among top and bottom freezers with icemakers. It is among the worst (with Amana, Frigidaire and Maytag) for side-by-sides. This per the most recent Consumer Reports. My earlier comments aside, I was frustrated at their web site last night and it works fine now, Consumer Reports provides a valuable resource for simple product reviews.

Shimmin, the quieter models at or under $1,000 are:
Usable cubic feet are in brackets { } and is lower than
advertised cubic feet -- only energy efficient units are
listed below
Top Freezers
Kenmore 7425 $720 {16.8}
Kenmore 7426 same
Whirlpool ET8FTEXM(Q) $680 {15.0}
Whirlpool Gold GR2SHTXM(Q) $1,080 {16.2}
Side by Side
GE GSS25JFP(WW) $1,050 {16.9}
(this was a Conusmer Reports Best Buy)

Model numbers are important -- for example, other more expensive Whirlpool Gold units are not quiet. Good luck.
It's called an "Ice Box", or "Ice Chest"! Prior to ice delivery, keeping meats, dairy, & vegtables in a Cellar was also Very Silent, & Very Affordable!:0)~
Thanks for all the info, definitely helpful! I will post any additional information I end up with.

Audiobugged: Hmmm... I guess I could also salt & cure all my meats. Will samonella negatively affect my ability to hear music? :-)
The ice box idea is really high-end. I like that it does not dry out the foods like a refrigerator does. Yuck. Ice boxes are also the only way to go it one is into Sushi.

I am a dummy. I subscribe to Consumer Reports on line. Never thought to examine Sub Zero's dismal record.
Mknowles16 I wouldn't freely offer Ozfly the chance to call you dumb? Ask "Valleyplastic" about his Viking built-in refridgerator, his story would make for a Television mini-series!
Hmm- Does his saga include being told by a snotty manager at customer (dis)service that the component failure may have been caused by his inability to close the door completely?

That really frosted my ass!
Mknowles16, Last I heard was 2 Service Reps., & 1 Service Mgr. where flown in. Spending considerable time posing like the 3 See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil Monkies.
Mknowles, I should have responded sooner -- I offered the Consumer Reports ratings only as confirmation, not as implication ;-) By the way, I purchased a Kenmore washer that was top ranked by Consumer Reports only to find that it eats up clothes (not quite literally)! Months later, CR started to say that it does that. Even when you research, things can go wrong. Oh well. At least life's interesting.
I have no idea if this still exists...but I understand that once they made refrigerators that somehow worked by burning natural gas. (No, I'm not making this up.) Apparently, there were no moving parts, so service life was long, and the operation was more or less dead quiet. It might be possible to find something like this in current production.
Wow! That's a great concept Jc. I thought it was the other way around though ... I get natural gas from what's in my refrigerator ;-)
Jc2000 what a great concept for the Amish, who can't use AC! If they buy a house off us English, they have one year to use electricity while the renovate to their standards. They must convert all interior lighting to natural gas within that time span. I can see it now Ishmael the Maytag repairman arriving by Buggy.
I have seen gas powered refrigerators in the Bahamas- as I recall, they also made ice. I was, and remain, confounded.