Quiet refrigerators?

Can anyone recommend any particularly quiet refrigerators brands/models?

I have an older refrigerator that makes an excessive amount of noise. Even at it's quietest, it's noticeable when I'm listening to music. I've tried cleaning the coils, but only had limited success reducing the noise. There's also no real way for me to get any more distance between my stereo and refrigerator.

Preferably under $1000, since that would cut substantially into my audio budget. :-)

Thanks for any help!
Wow! That's a great concept Jc. I thought it was the other way around though ... I get natural gas from what's in my refrigerator ;-)
Jc2000 what a great concept for the Amish, who can't use AC! If they buy a house off us English, they have one year to use electricity while the renovate to their standards. They must convert all interior lighting to natural gas within that time span. I can see it now Ishmael the Maytag repairman arriving by Buggy.
I have seen gas powered refrigerators in the Bahamas- as I recall, they also made ice. I was, and remain, confounded.