"Acoustic curtain" as a room divider

I am finishing my basement and the space, though quite large, is sub-optimal for listening. Briefly, I am setting up along one half of the short wall (which is 27' in this case since the finished basement runs front-to-back of my house). I get the "back half" of the room, between the house's center support and the outside wall at the back of the house. My "portion" of the short wall (where my system will live) is a respectable 13 feet. BUT, I will essentially have no wall on the right side of my system and listening area. I'm thinking that some sort of curtain is the way to go: retractable for necessary WAF, extended to create a right wall when listening. What is the best curtain material/weight/etc to use to simulate a sheetrock wall? Any and all ideas appreciated!
Hi Powerste Your situation is similar to mine. My rig is in a loft. Quite small and with no back wall. Everything sounds ok but there are reflections from the large window directly behind the open area. I thought of some room dividers I saw in a JCpenny catalog. These dividers have a cloth type curtain that can be replaced(they are on small rods) They also come in different lengths. They can folded when not in use and should help my reflection problem when listening. Just a thought and I hope it helps.