"Internet Radio" Suggestions Please?

What are good "Internet Radio" sites?

I know I will get stones thrown at me for mentioning this in an "audiophile" forum, but maybe some of you will take pity on a music listener with a taste for adventure.

I have recently discovered over the last year, two "Internet Radio" websites that I really enjoy....

Last.fm: I have met you few people on Last.fm that have introduced me to some music that I didn't even know existed. I have found myself listening to it more and more. I like it!

Blip.fm: Awful quality, but I like the community and they way it links to Twitter.

For me, these have been very powerful tools for me to discover and share music. Are there other sites? I like to share music (especially playlists) and discover new music.

Altho dated, check out the thread titled "Internet Radio Stations That Sound Really Good" in this PC Audio section (use the search function). I still find it quite useful today, tho the focus of the responses is slightly different than your question.
It was a good thread....
kexp is the college station at the univ. of washington. it has gotten a lot of backing from Paul Allen, co-founder of microsoft, so they're very state of the art (multiple formats, archived shows, etc.) and have won awards for their internet station.

but the best thing about it are the specialty shows. I'm particularly fond of the reggae and african shows, although 'wo-pop' (world pop) is often quite good too. you'll hear stuff on these shows I can practically guarantee you'll never hear anywhere else. the shows are archived for 2 weeks, so you can listen when you want.
I listen to "Live 365" for hours at a time every day. Lets you choose from LOTS of stations in your chosen genre. Premium membership plans cost 6.00 to 8.00 per month. After reading the above, I'll have to check out Pandora, too.


You can access nearly 17,000 stations of every conceivable genre worldwide through this portal. I don't use their player, but use their search functions to find stations I like and listen to them through iTunes, through FStream on my iPhone, or listen through a free-standing WIFI receiver in the kitchen.

My favorite stations are Bartok Radio from Budapest (Classical/Jazz) and KCWR from Santa Monica.