R2R SACD Player?

Looking to possibly add an SACD player into my system.  Does anyone make a ladder r2r DAC built into a SACD player?

Second question - What is the best SACD player under $15,000 MSRP new.  I hear PS Audio just came out with a new system.  Luxman?  Marantz?  


Second hand Esoteric X-1 and X-3 SACD players use the Burr Brown PCM1704 R to R ladder Dac  and sell between 6 and 8K.  I own the Esoteric UX-3 which is the same as the X-3 except it also does DVD audio.  It uses the same DAC and I will never sell it.  It's that good.

Check out Wavetouch Modded Oppo Bdp-95. It is the only a SACD, CD, Blue ray, stream player without veil and glare in the world.


I saw on oppomod dot com that you can get I2S output which can be send to a holo audio KTE May DAC or Denafrips.  

Has anyone tried to us the PS Audio CD Transport with the holo audio may dac?  or Denafrips?



Why go through all of the trouble modding an out of date and unsupported disk player that doesn’t sound that great to begin with? I don’t get the Oppo attraction and the prices of 105’s/203/205’s are crazy these days.
Just my opinion, if you like the Oppo leave it alone- the ESS implementation isn’t going to change with simple add ons. If you want to try a dedicated CD/SACD there are many to choose from depending upon one’s preferences and budget (Technics, Yamaha, Sony, Marantz, Esoteric).


Just like the idea of using the holo May or Denafrips DAC so I can use digital files plus use a SACD transport to send to the DAC.  I didn't know that the HDMI I2S was becoming a standard or at least something that multiple different brands were using.  Not an Oppo fanboy but not sure who else is doing the HDMI I2S PS Audio format?

I’m not familiar with the details of so many products out there but being the owner of an Oppo 105-D I speak from my own experience- use something else if you want high quality sound reproduction. I used the Oppo for about 2 years- both as a disk player and a dac and I just grew tired of the glaring presentation.

I started trying/buying other DAC’s (PCM and R2R) and finally settled on the Aqua La Scala. My Aqua has I2S as well but I’m not using it. The manufacturers claim is that it is best when used in conjunction with their CD transport or their Streamer. I use SPDIF coax/BNC for my server to dac and AES/XLR from my streamer and I don’t feel I’m missing anything.

I’ve heard/read comments from others praising the I2S interface but it still seems to be the Wild West as it’s not a standardized interface. Some builders use it to interface between components within their product line but brand to brand interface leaves you hunting for component pin outs, custom cables and being at the mercy of how much effort the designers put into its integration. Bottom line- there are many excellent DAC’s and players that don’t require I2S to sound their best.


I had 2 Wyred4Sound DAC’s, the Dac1 and 2 and hated the treble glare from the ESS chip, I don’t see why people love it.  I was stupid to buy the Dac2 after not liking the dac1 but was told there was no treble glare.  I call BS on that.