random duplicate files in J River MC-15?

just got done re-transferring my library from one computer to another. seems about 20% of the library got transferred in duplicate?. no ryme or pattern...just duplicate tracks within certain albums. they have identical file names except for the very end where a "(1) appears before the word flac and after the track name.xxxxx flac vs xxxxx(1)flac. not sure where these duplicate tracks came from?. they only appear in J River MC-15. don't see them in the music folder itself??

looking for an easier route to get rid of the dups. would dread having to go through all the files one by one. tried searching the mc-15 help forum and couldn't find anything. hoping someone here has run into this before and has a solution.

Thank You
sorry guys.....i am finding duplicates in the actual file folders as well. must have botched something up during wave to flac conversion or transferring the files over mu new pc.?.

any advise in getting rid of the dups would still be very appreciated.
My first thought would be to start over. You can do File, Library, Clear Libary to start with a completely new version of the library. It should not delete the current files. Re-create the flac files from the wav files in a completely new directory. Then import the new flac files. May be easier than trying to clean up the current library.

sounds like a plan D. will give it try.

just to confirm...by "different directory" you mean folder or location correct?. assuming any new folder would be fine? or does it need to be somewhere specific?.

also...could i convert then save the new flac files(from old computer's wav files) to an external hard drive i have for the new machine?. should be able to import right from that and save some time?

thanks again for all the help

I had the same problem. You have them in more then one location in your hard drive. Find the extra spots delete and that should solve your problem. You can look at the songs address to find the duplicates. sometimes they are in another albums folder.