Raspberry Pi Allo? Streamer DAC DIY

I have a vacation coming up and wanted to get some parts together to build a streamer/dac on the Raspberry Pi platform. Not married to the Pi but seems like a cost effective and fun way to go. I have seen the ALLO products and HiFiBerry, and Pecan Pi, but I am not  overly familiar with process- but technical enough to attempt.
  1. Coax (must have)
  2. Toslink (really nice to have- almost must have)
  3. USB (must have)
  4. HDMI (Nice to have)
  5. Ethernet (Must have)
  6. Wireless (Nice to have)
  1. RCA (must have)
  2. XLR (really want but could forego)
  3. Coax (in case want to eventually just use as streamer)
  1. Volume control (Nice to have)
  2. Separate Power/possibly battery (ALLO Isolator) (Nice to have)
  3. I like the idea of a standard aluminum case but flexible and willing to build my own.

I currently do not stream beyond Pandora, but am ready to go that route. I also have a ton of CDS and little time nor interest in ripping the CDS to a drive at this point.

So here is my question to the group of techies- what parts do you recommend I buy to do this and meet most of the above? Thanks in advance for your help.