Rating Sytem for Used CD's

Is there a standard for rating used CD's? Can anyone point me to a URL? Do I need to examine and describe the condition of each one...I have about 200 I'm selling and obviously would rather just compile a simple list and use a number rating system. I'm not talking collectible stuff - just your run-of-the-mill redbook stuff. The A'gon system doesn't give a standard for this.

Thanks for any input.

I'm not awawre of any numbering system. Usually the seller assures the buyer that the CD plays completely, even if there are scuff marks or minor scratches. Also, let buyers know if there is any missing artwork, booklets or if there's any problem with the CD jewel case.

If you're trying selling a large quantity, offering a discount on the cost of shipping when buyers purchase multiple CD's is a win/win for all.

Audiocircle.com, allaboutjazz.com, Ebay, half.com and amazon.com are other online places to sell CD's. Good luck.
on amazon CDs are described as;new,likenew,very good,good,acceptable,in addition to Rubins info,,,im always looking for used CDs!