RB301 Rewire....Worth It?

A cartridge tag and wire has broken off in my tonearm so I'm thinking of getting just the internal wiring redone, but I'm wondering if anyone would recommend just replacing all the wiring with the one piece Incognito kit?

I know the stock RB301 wiring is pretty good compared to the wiring in the RB300, so hard to say if the incognito is really worth it.


If the cartridge tag can be repaired, I'd do that. However, if you want to rewire your arm, a cheaper alternative to the Incognito is the Cardas Tone Arm Rewire Service. They use the same 33 awg Cardas wire that's in the Incognito. I have no connection to them. I just wanted to point out another option.

For what it's worth... I installed an Incognito on my RB-300 and added a Michell Tecnoweight. The Tecnoweight offered a more significant improvement.