Re tubing an ARC PH 3 SE....

What tubes would you recommend for this phono unit? It uses 6922's ( I believe)?
Contact upscale audio
speak with kevin the tube wizzard.. He will steer you in the right direction.. He helped me with my arc ls7 and
sonic frontiers sfs 80... the system has never sounded so good.. and prices were reasonable..
good luck,
I am currently using Amperex 7308 white label (1 matched pair + 1) Sounds pretty good in my system. I've also heard good praises for Amperex 6DJ8 orange label w/ globe logo. Let me know what you ended up using. I have a whole collection of tubes, so I am hoping to find time to compare different tube sets.

Frank....someone said the Amperex he used (not sure which model) was worse then the stock Sovteck? I believe he used the 6DJ8...I will check.