Reaching the end of a music collection

This website has covered our upgrade obsession, but what about our obsession with buying music?

I've accumulated over 1500 CDs (have lost count) over the last 15+ years, and looking through past threads, I know that this isn't even close to what some of you have.

It seems, in the last year, that most of what I buy I don't listen to more than a couple times. Or I'm just buying replacement versions of material that I already have (like new 24 bit remastering versions). Often I'm buying artists whom I'm just not passionate about.

I remember walking out of a record store in high school with the first three records of my own - Led Zeppelin IV, Rubber Soul and Surrealistic Pillow.

I'm wondering how you guys with huge music collections keep your curiosity and interest up, and how you've dealt with reaching the "end" of a music collection.
I love classic rock/metal/pop but I think I'd be bored if it wasnt for modern rock/metal/pop.

Serious music aka Jazz and Classical are all that live forever .

Esp. the latter !

I too had a collection I couldn't really manage or listen to. about 2250 CDs and  the samenumber of LPs. I got rid of most of my vinyl through a dealer friend, leaving about 400 LPs, which is more than enough, though I am back to buying a few again, I'm incorrigible. That was mainly to avoid laying too much of a burden on my kids, to get rid of all my stuff, when I finally fall off my perch.

I was planning to sell my CDs, having loaded them onto an Innuos Server, but lost the will to live trying to set up an Amazon private sellers A/C. Then it struck me, children today think money comes from a magic money tree. So I plan to give my CD collection to my grand kids, when they are a bit older. Have you noticed how much second hand CDs are selling now. Many of mine  seem to be worth north of £20. I reckon my collection is worth about £20000+. They can sell them and put the money into their college funds.