Reading List for Speaker Enthusiasts

After being reminded of the circa 2008 Beryllium tweeter scandal, I went looking around for the source article, but more importantly than that, I was reminded of the late, brilliant scientist and (lets face it) hobbyist Sigfried Linkwitz's ( November 23, 1935 - September 11, 2018 ) excellent reading list. I highly recommend it, and will be bringing up some articles from it shortly.

Linkwitz's list is here:

I'll be posting some thoughts and readings on this thread later, but I'm particularly interested in how we perceive acoustical spaces.

In case you are interested, the well documented Be tweeter scandal is below, not sure if it's on his list too:
Excellent post. Sigfried Linkwitz contributed more to audio as a hobbyist than any number of commercial audio companies.

I hope his website is archived somewhere.