Ready For Digital Source...Computer?

I have speakers and amplification all figured out, now I need a source. No vinyl and not concerned with CD's at this point.
Only steaming online. No Roon either, been there, done that. 

Honestly, (because I need a new computer anyway) I would really like to use a computer to play Spotify (hopefully CD-quality soon), Tidal, Qobuz, etc. but most say a computer is too "Noisy" to use for this purpose. Although, I have heard there are ways around this.

Rather than having to purchase a dedicated music server, does anyone know how to set up a computer as a high-quality music server? I can't really seem to find anything online.




auxinput - Wow! Thanks so much for checking that out for me. That was so kind of you and very helpful indeed. With the price of the Keces P8, I think I’ll be sticking with the HDPlex for some time to come.

kellyp - Thank you, and please see my response to itsjustme below.

itsjustme - Thank you for your detailed reply. There is nothing more that I would LOVE to do is to be more hands-on with this and learn from members like you and many others that have posted here. I find computers and the likes very interesting indeed.

Presently I am up to my ears in alligators with regards to a major home remodeling project. My intention is to get some kind form of an audio system in the home early next year, with some form of a music server, but there will still be another year’s work to do after that (no, I’m not that slow, I have a day job as well). So, no time at present to tinker with the likes of computers. Hopefully, once done, I will have a small workshop to do things, just like that!

In the meantime, I would enjoy reading your blog.


@High-amp   if you are doign a remodeling, my advice is run LOTS of ethernet cables from a hub location. eventually you'll want it (much better than wifi).  It can be nice to create roon zones through the house.  I also ran a "home run" 20A circuit dedicated to a quad plugoutlet behind my equipment area.  Its also nice to put your roon server in one placeand the system elsewhere  - both mechanical and electrical isolation


On this forum you are always going to get lots of opinions regardless of how sound your position might be.

You can make a test for little or no money.

If you have an old laptop or PC (both free if you already own them) and a DAC (maybe you already own one) then all you need is a good media player like Foobar2000 or even VLC (both free) and some lossless audio files to send the analog audio to your existing system and decide for yourself if you like the sound.

Windows 10 Media Sharing settings, Foobar2000 and it’s associated Foobar2000 smart phone remote control app are not the most elegant solution but it is entirely workable and low cost/no cost. The results could be excellent sound with little investment. If you are not happy with the sound then you can choose how and where to improve.

@high-amp ...You’re welcome. I’ve been a Win/pc clone since the ’80’s as Apples’ only appeal to me as Granny Smiths’. ;) But it’s mostly ones’ tastes and what you’re familiar with. Not saying either is good/bad/indifferent, but what one can mod to taste(s)... I’m not afraid of opening the cover on the box and poking about.

Macs usually require one to ’outboard’ any peripherals, whereas a pc can either acccept a card and/or install a program or an app. It comes down to what you want or intend to accomplish.

I run the fast purpose built as source, and an older one as a monitor running various analysis progs for RT display of system and/or what a calibrated mic is ’hearing’ ’in vs. out’ comparision is what I’m most interested in...

The ’loudest’ background item is a ceiling fan, that pulls warm air down from the 14’ ceilings I live with....*L* Esp. now that Maude Winter is at the stoop...;)

Thanks all, I think I am going to find a decent combo music server/DAC with an upgradable DAC. This looks interesting: at $5,000 or this one at half the price: . Not sure what makes the big price difference though?