Recommend a long subwoofer rca?

My sub will be about 15 feet from amp and preamp. Since the sub has built-in amp, it sits between preamp and amp in wiring configuration. Am I going to lose sonic quality with long run? Can someone recommend a good sub interconnect? Thx Ladydog.
The longer the interconnect is the muddier your bass will be and the more flutter and farting you'll get. But if your room just happens to get better bass from a certain corner then it could make up for it. Thats a lot of wire for such a weak signal to go through. You would be much better off if you could run the speaker wire to it. It's a whole lot easier and better if the amp pushes the current a long distance. But since thats not an option right now I strongly suggest any MIT interconnect. Or at least nothing below a T3. They have a wonderfully tight and defined bass. And the price is great.
Monster Cable makes a interconnect designed for sub-woofers. I have not tried it, but they do cables right.
Monster cable is mid-fi. I've had their stuff. MIT destroys them. With their patented passive networks monster can't touch MIT. Buy some MIT off audiogon then go to your nearest audio store (where you can return it later) and buy some monster cable thats twice as much. Then when you've wasted all your time you'll know why there is so much MIT on this site. Because it's popular and great stuff. I started with their lower T3 and have never looked back. Now I own $5000 worth of their wire. Trust me you wont be sorry!
A long run won't help things. I use MIT T2 for the sub, but mine is an augmented setup, so the sub isn't between preamp and amp.
I used to have the monster sub cable. Don't waste your time and money. They are mid-fi. There is much better out there.
This isn't an answer to your question, but rather is an inquiry of my own. Supposedly, balanced cables are better when running long distances r/t noise. Why aren't subs built with XLR connector's on them? Also, are there any XLR-to-RCA adaptors out there that are any good? Do they defeat the purpose of running a balanced cable? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
My Sunfire Pro sub has balanced XLR input connectors, but they are not vital to it's performance. I kind of have good company in recommending this sub, Harry Pearson for starters. We all know it's not the very best sub out there, but for it's size and price, it's guranteed to be the most dynamic and extended. Use it properly in a large and ASC treated concrete room, and transient speed goes from marginal, to satisfyingly sharp and esl-like. Sure a Velodyne HGS-15 would be better in every way, but not 300% better (costs 300% more). I'll still buy one when I can afford it, though...just like everything else in this pandora's house of ill repute. Perhaps there should be a 12 step program for audiophiles...