Recommend speakers for Hegel H190

What speakers under $5000 would you recommend for Hegel H190?

Used in a room that is 6x8 meters, high ceiling. Currently have B&W 683 S2 and like them but would like to improve.

Thanks for the advise.
u have it backwards buddy

speakers produce the sound... you work back from one you like
jjss49 You are a great mind. Of course your greatness does not allow you to think that people can acquire gear under many different circumstances, and for a great variety of reasons. If you do not have something useful to contribute, do not waste my time, and most importantly, yours.
KEF Reference 1

@ jjss49 I am doing is the other way around this time. Gear first (which I recently got) and speakers last. This new system will be better than anything I built before.