Recommend speakers for Hegel H190

What speakers under $5000 would you recommend for Hegel H190?

Used in a room that is 6x8 meters, high ceiling. Currently have B&W 683 S2 and like them but would like to improve.

Thanks for the advise.
From what I understand KEF and Harbeth have recently been using Hegel amps to demo at shows so definitely worth looking at those brands.

I heard a Hegel amp running with a pair of Totem tribe towers at a show which was really impressive - the Totems are generally hard to drive but that Hegel amp had perfect grip and control over the speaker.  Very impressive.
Thanks everyone. Your advice is really helpful and it will give me a good place to start my exploration. I live in a relatively small city and I do not have many options to audition equipment locally. So I want to put together a list of options and dealers so I can travel to a city where I can listen (it will be my first post virus trip).

@ rixthetrick  I'm mostly streaming Qobuz , but I listening to CDs sometimes. I do not have vinyl.

Most of the time I stream using the Hegel H190 internal streamer and DAC, but sometimes I also use a Cambridge CNX V2 network streamer feeding the Hegel. When I stream lower quality services like Spotify or radio stations, I like the screen and convenience of the Cambridge, but overall I prefer the sound of the Hegel.  

@keithc In your experience, do the Vandersteen 2Ce Signature III produce a good low end/bass? A friend had an old pair of Vandersteens and he added a woofer to complete his system.
I think the LSA 20 Statements would provide significant improvements in every aspect over your B&Ws yet retain a fairly similar overall sonic signature with more refinement.  Bass goes down to 25Hz, which in itself should be a revelation.  They’re being discounted here for $4500/pr by the manufacturer and include a nice pair of speaker cables in the deal, and they offer a 30-day trial period that is particular nice now.  Best of luck in your search. 
How about the Splendor LS3/5a or Harbeths line? With the extra money you can add a used sub or two. Hegel line is a little sterile sounding but with great detail and good sound stage. These speaker lines will add some warmth. You get the best of both worlds.