Recommendation Preamp/Amp for MC Analog

My current system is edgy on the high end, and at moderately low sound level (1/4 volume), I hear substantial surface noise on LPs. What single piece would be a good upgrade (around $800- $1000 used) in my system? I listen primarily to Classical and Big Band.

I prefer the low maintenance of SS over tubes. However, educate me if my perception is unfounded?

The speakers are a kit. However, in demoing various components (amps, preamps, cartridges), I have found them extremely revealing and transparent.

VPI - TNT jr with SDS
Denon 103R
NAD C162 pre-AMP
NAD C272 amp
Focal speakers in a TMM-kit based on Orca Design (pair of 7" W-cone mids and Utopia Audiom TLR tweeters in a front-ported tower)
Vampire 14 gauge speaker wire
Esoteric interconnects.
Any of the Graham Slee phono preamps in your established used price range will be an eye opening experience. They are seen in the used market and are snagged almost immediately.

Moreover, an used MFA-Magus B, an older tubed preamp with a great phono section to boot might be also desirable.

If you check TWL's system profile you might notice some similarities with your choice of equipment.

The NAD preamp is definitely something that needs upgrading.