Recommended loudspeaker cable for my Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage?

Guys, it happened that I found myself with old Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage speakers, Audiolab8000 amp set (Q plus 2xM) and MIT MH-750 speaker cables. Although I plan to replace amplifier a bit later, now I decided to start from selecting the proper cable to match my speakers, mainly because my old MIT's are too heavy and rigid (and probably not right at all for Guarneri speakers).
I would appreciate any recommendations on the best fit loudspeaker cable in my current setup, also being universal enough for further amplifier upgrade. Expected cable price range up to 5000 USD. Thank you all!
My humble opinion is that you should change the amps first, just like you have said. I have had the SF GH and aldo they were produced some years ago (mine pair were from year 2000) their sound is not 'old' by any means. That speaker is very, very capable (within its phisical limit) and must be paired with high class electronics as well. While I had it, I had Burmester 956 mk2 and Krell Evo 302 and no matter if you read that some people are pairing it with low power amps, my experience is that it needs power to show what is capable of. So, if you dont mind me saying, those amps are not in the same league as your speakers and proper answer which cable you should choose can come only from the person who has tried that combination (which I doubt) My advice for you is to invest the money in a new amp and than to search for cables. If you are not yet ready to do so, than any decent cables will do, in sense that it would not matter much after all, since you are not going to hear what the speakers really can play anyhow.
Thank you, alexatpos, for your helpful and very relevant opinion, I plan to keep speakers and go in the direction you advise.
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I really like Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cables (a silver copper blend) connected to my Sonus Faber Strads. They should be in your price range. I only needed 6' since my amps are next to my speakers.
GH’s are the main part of my system. IME, there are very few, if any, stand mount speakers that can compete with them. They are like a fine lens on a camera, everything that you change will be revealed.
I would recommend the best tube amp you can afford, GH’s love tubes..and cabling that is fast and resolving. Nordost is my current favorite in this regard.
Thank you, daveyf1, for supporting my confidence in GH's and agree that they help you to reveal every difference in sound coming from every system change you make. Will keep your recommendation in mind for my next upgrade from solid state to tube amp. Thank you for Nordosts, they are on my list.
Hi guys,

Not responding to the original question but taking advantage of the discussion I’de like to have your opinion on another sound component.
I’ve a Prima Luna 3 preamp and pair of prima luna’s seven for my GH.
Can you guys give me some guidance in what dac/streamer consider to feed my GH.