Recommending a tube preamp for Linn amps/speakers

I have an Aktiv Linn system (LK140's, Kairn, Katans and Sizmik, Silver IC's) and would like to try a tubed preamp.
I understand from searching to be sure the preamp output voltage matches that of the amps - given this, could someone recommend a nice preamp in the $2k range ? Phono section nice, but not essential ...
Supratek has been recommended (thanks, Lugnutz!) but man, they are hard to come by !!
Thanks for any advice/counsel.
Linn is one of those products that is finicky about mixing and matching. You are better off staying with an all Linn system.
Either stay all Linn or even better go tube amp and pre then switch the plates on the Katans to passive. I've had Katans, Ninkas, and Majik 140's and all sound great with tubes. As far as pre's Cary SLP98P has phono section. You can use MC as long as the cart puts out 1.4 mV Good luck.
I have heard them with Audio Research and have been quite impressed with the speakers. But I think cables play a roll too.
Thank you all for your input.
When I searched this subject, I found a series of posts by "lugnut" several years ago. He had previously been using solely Linn gear running active, then inserted a tubed preamp and was quite taken by the degree in improvement. Initially w/ Audible Illusions, Cary(?) then Supratek. He was careful to match output voltages between the preamp & amps - Linn LK140's have 23.5V output voltage.
Given this was several years ago, I was wondering if anyone
had tried a tubed pre in a Linn system since, and could offer any suggestions. VTL 2.5 was offered as a good candidate ... any others ??
Appreciate all suggestions and responses - thank you !
Anubis, changing to a tube amp will do the most for sound. I added the Cary SLP98P to an all Linn system, then a Cary CAD 120's amp and it made all the difference in the world. It worked well with the Katans, Ninkas, Majik 140's, and all of the Klipsch speakers that I had.

I had a Kairn and 2 Klouts but not active and actually used just one.

I had someone come by to buy a pair of Klipsch Lascala's and he brought a vintage tube amp. Shocking!

Dead quiet tube amp.

The problem is Linn uses dirt cheap parts in the crossovers. I had 5140's.
Almost afterthought parts quality. Maybe to make the jump to acktiv better?

You can try vintage tube pre or integrated on the cheap?

I sold my Kairn phono and and still have the vintage tube amp heavily modded though, but still have Linn sources LP12 and Karik/Numerik.
Check out the Mystere CA11 tube preamp for $1795 new. Awesome unit! I bought one to replace my Primaluna Prologue Three. Very satisfied with value proposition offered by this company. Hard to beat in this price range.