record storage?

Since I bought a Rega P2 my record collection has been growing. I need a decent way to store my records. I'm having a hard time finding anything on the net. I've looked at the Boltz racks and they look decent, but I'm cheap and if I'm going to part with a few hundred dollars I'd rather spend it on a new cartridge or even more records. Any ideas? thanks-matt
thanks for all your responses-I didn't even think to look at Ikea and the Gothiccabinets look good also
Audio Advisor had a sale last month on the Billy Bags LP Storage Rack. They offered $200.00 off the list price, bringing the purchase price down to $949.00 w/free shipping. I decided to buy it. Yes-expensive for a storage rack, but it holds 1800 LPs and I refuse to get on my hands and knees to find a record on the lowest shelf of most LP storage racks. I put the box sets (opera, ect) on the bottom where they are easily seen and the records I use most often are at EYE LEVEL! Just like buying a VPI 17F record cleaning machine, you will enjoy the benefits of your purchase many years into the future. Nothing against the Boltz racks, but they will fill up in no time and you'll end up buying additional shelves as your collection grows. The Billy Bags Rack is a great solution in my opinion.
This Thanksgiving I constructed a set of IKEA Expedit shelves, 72" X 72" and I've never been happier. They weigh a ton but they hold about 2000 LPs each. No sagging. I'm going to buy 3 more units and I'm done!
Take a look at the following link:

I have ca. 1200+ records on this cabinet without cramming and is absolutely rock solid. There is no warping of the shelves or the cabinet. I also think the price is very reasonable. Putting it together was a 30 minute operation that I did by myself.

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Sorry Ashra, my post duplicates your recommendation of the Expedit. I second your enthusiasm for this product.