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Pass Labs Point 8 Series info
Larger heat sinks implies more heat in the listening room. No? With the X600 I regularly listen in my underwear with the AC set in the antarctic regions during the summer. 
Will a quality USB cable make a difference....
Istanbulu,OK. I have $1150. to buy a meter of the Enopias!! USB cable.Other than the “wow factor,” which can be quantified in emotional/psychological terms—sort of like “Hallelujah!” “It’s A Miracle!” “The Cucumber is Scared With A Religi... 
Opening the top of a Hafler p-1500 amp. Please
Magfan, thank you. Yes, the picture of the one open does help in my quest. 
Opening the top of a Hafler p-1500 amp. Please
Thank you.I did unplug immediately. The “shake-n-bake” routine didn't work originally as the little sucker is probably lodged inside. I need to open the top--I know, it doesn't seem like rocket science--but I just can't figure it out.Anyone own or... 
The most hilarious ad ever on Audiogon?
I vote for this one:http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?cablintr&1262979726&/Dakiom-Mr273%27S-Are-much-better 
Single Ened or Balanced Pass Labs
I owned the X600 and called Pass Labs with the same question (SE / Balanced). Incredibly, non other than Mr. Pass himself answered!His answer was (to the best of my memory): "...these amps were not meant to be run SE" and "...will not perform up t... 
Re: Story about Ringo
I am delighted to read appreciation for Ringo's drumming. The variety and subtlety of his musical contributions in the Beatles' canon rank him among the greats. Listen to any track paying close attention to his work (drumming NOT singing)and forge... 
"A bit of noise is completley normal" ??
You are right in believing that you were fed absolute ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbullshit!There may be some preamps that have noise associated with switching sources. These are called "noisy preamps with crappy switches." Acceptable only to those who bu... 
CSO Resound - Mahler 1 SACD
Sorry to disagree with your recommendations but: the Haitink/CSO Mahler Symphonies--1, 3, & 6 (so far, and hopefully no more)--are total disasters! They do have good sound, which just makes the lack of passion, drama and personality that much ... 
Ear Candy: Most startling recordings.
Anything on Reference Recordings! I got the bug for wind orchestra music through their recordings of the Dallas Wind Ensemble.8^( 
The day the music died.
Good to know that there are a few sentimental old-farts on this site. Hell, I am still mourning Beethoven.8^( 
Which component has the most importance?
Ditto X3—The Room. Think about it. Imagine hearing the Philadelphia Orchestra playing “Rite of Spring” at your local high school gymnasium and then at the Concertgebouw.8^( 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
Chet Atkins & Michael Hedges. The latter’s “Aerial Boundaries”—specially on vinyl—is simply a staggering tour de force of performance and sound. Atkins couldn't play an ugly sound even if tortured to do so.8^( 
whats the finest recorded cd you've heard?
Almost every CD put out by Reference Recordings.8^( 
Met Opera HD.....The Ultimate HiFi Sound??
I would also like to know further technical details on these broadcasts.By the way, there are a few folk in Nevada with culture. I do agree, however, that the majority only encounter culture if they dress their salads with Roquefort or get a yeast...