recording from itunes

Is there any degradation in recording quality when downloading from a site such as itunes and buring in onto CD rather than purchasing the cd brand new in the store?
Absolutely! Itunes downloads are not the same, they are at a much lower sample rate/compression scheme. I don't remember but the difference is substantial. It is not apple lossless. I only use itunes downloads for meaningless, 1-off song purchases (my wife hears a song on the radio and must have that 1 song by some 16 year old phenom). Good luck.
That said, I read that the iTMS is going to start offing Apple Lossless versions of some tracks. Looks like the audiophiles have started making some impact there.
The reason why I say is I did a blind test and could pick out the itunes recordings every time...

I am not using that good of equipment either. A TALK cd, classe 20 pre, conrad sa 250 amp...

I totally agree with buying!!!