Records not stored vertically for decades

I’m looking to eventually get my vinyl rig back up n running and went to get my albums and found they’ve been lying flat probably for decades in two stacks of about 75 albums in each stack.  Any chance they’re still in good shape, or what damage may have been done versus being stored vertically?  They’ve been in a dry, temperature-controlled basement the whole time.  No way to play them right now so just hoping they might still be ok.  Thanks for thoughts.


The advantage of the horizontal stacking is you don't compromise album covers as much as they're stacked on top of each other.

Record surfaces should be fine otherwise. 

Returning to us a Vinyl Source with a selection of Vinyl LP's stored for 20 years +.

That seems like a experience that can generate excitement, especially when some of the Albums in storage, might be worth a much more than the price from when acquired.

There might be one gem in their that can cover the cost of a Vinyl Replay equipment ? 

"Who cares what other gentlemans could think about when you have you are the LP owner and you can watch directly to see if are ok or not?"

- What does this even mean?

You're making this way more complicated than need be.  Simply turn them over and let them sit for another few decades.