Reducing the slack on the cueing lever of a REGA RB900 tonearm

My Rega RB900 has suddenly developed quite a bit of slack on the cueing lever.  So much so that it is starting to put an unwanted lateral shift when raising /lowering it, which could be disastrous (it could miss the mark upon lowering, of lift not quite vertically on uplift, causing groove damage).  Does anyone know how to tighten the cueing lever?  Is this adjustment only accessed from below (meaning I'd need to remove it from the turntable)...It's currently mounted on a Basis 2000.  Thanks!
This description isn't anywhere good enough to be sure what's going on but the lift Rega uses is a pretty standard part. Look close there should be a couple very small hex screws used for adjustment. One holds the arm lift at the angle you set. Another one holds the whole lift mechanism in place. If this one is loose the whole thing could wobble around as you described. This one is also used to adjust the height of the lift.

With a little work you can adjust both of these to where it will not be possible for the stylus to contact the platter even when the lift is down. Setting it up this way also gives a lot of drop giving you more time to get to your seat while the arm is going down.
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