Reference 3a Suprema ll speakers


I'm looking ahead toward my next set of speakers and I was wondering about the Reference 3a Suprema ll speakers. Does anyone own a pair and what do you think of them? I have been thinking about Equation 35's for some time, but the Reference 3a Suprema ll speakers seem quite good from what I have read. I have an Audiomat Opera with Actinote cables. Would this be a good match for the Reference 3a Suprema ll speakers? Also, how much are they? I can't seem to find a price anywhere. I've also considered the Atlantis Argentera, but they have a ceramic tweeter in the rear meaning they have to be too far from the wall for my room.

I am interested in Atlantis Acoustics Esterel speakers (smaller sister to the Argentera). They also have a back tweeter. Reading your comment about the room issue, I am now a bit concerned as I may have the same problem. Have you heard the Tyler Acoustics speakers; they seem to have a very strong following (haven't seen one negative review).
Hello. I recently purchased a pair of the Reference 3a La Suprema II speakers. They originally sold for $16 - $18,000. They were made in Switzerland and I understand that only a few pair made it over to this side of the pond (I live in Canada). I am not using anything special to drive them. Just a medium - higher end Yamaha home theatre amp. Because these speakers have no cross-over you need not blow your brains out on expensive cables. The manual (if you want to call it that) even says so.

The speakers also do not require much power to run. I am very impressed with the quality of these speakers, which I gather are / were being used in one of UHF's sound testing rooms.

They weigh a ton or at least several hundred kilos and come in 3 cartons. I am still recovering from moving them.

They are quite magnificent and despite what a couple of reviewers have said, their soundstaging blows away all of the other speakers that I have heard on the market. Bi-wiring even makes them better.

I would have no hesitation recommending these speakers to anyone interested in a true, pure audio experience.