Refreshing mPad

I have a Bryston digital combo and use mPad on my iPad to access my music. Is there a tutorial anywhere explaining the mPad features? I'd like to better understand the "Refresh local cache" and "Update database" features.
When I haven't listened to my system for a few days, my iPad doesn't show all the album and artist info.  Hitting "refresh local cache" 2 - 3 times seems to restore the info on my iPad.  I also hit "Update database" but not sure if doing so actually accomplishes anything. Can anyone out there educate me?

I used MPad for several years prior to recently switching to ROON.

The update Database option is needed in order to show newly added music rips to the watched folder if you would rather not wait for whatever the default interval is by the music server program to recheck the same folder. In other words, if you ripped a CD now, and didn't run the Update DB command you may not see it as an available album for playback for an example

The update cache option basically sync's the local DB stored on your iPad to reflect the current "as of now" contents of the watched folder.

Keep in mind that if you didn't run the Update DB option first, the contents available for playback on the iPad may be missing newly added albums that arrived after your last update DB cycle occurred.

The purpose of the local Cache on the iPad is to help speed up browsing of large, remotely hosted libraries found on things like a NAS.

I really enjoyed using MPad in combination with Voyage Linux MPD for many years and still miss some of its features today that ROON seems to ignore and or not find the need to involve themselves with.
Appreciate your response. I now understand mPad much better. I too like it and have little to complain about it. Thanks again.