Refurbish a Dynaco St70

This is my 2nd attempt at getting this thread started. 1st attempt never posted. Please forgive should a duplicate arise.

I have a Dynaco ST-70 that has been in storage for several years and has few hours on it. I would like to have it refurbished and updated for electrical components, inputs, and outputs. After having searched this forum I thought it might serve me best to initiate a new thread. Looking for contacts for having this done. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Mike
YEP! ARC's first FM tuner was based on the Dynaco FM-3. The M-60 MkIII C3 amp was a redesign of the Dynaco MkIII. ARC offered kits, to remake the ST-70, using only the chassis and transformers. Imagine what we'd have had, back then, if Hafler and Johnson had formed a company. But, HEY- over 350,000 STOCK ST-70s were sold, making it the most popular tube amp ever. Hafler's design wasn't too shabby, on it's own merit(what an understatement)!
ARC was a spin-off of Electronic Industries. EI is still in business today, but has switched over to making circuit boards.
And before Electronic Industries, Bill Johnson's company was known as Peplo. I don't know why or the significance of the name.
As an update I have contacted Ralph (Atmosphere) and intend to ship him the amp for refurbishment. When I have this done and try out the amp I will provide my thoughts. Thanks to all!