Rega Ela Mk1 vs Royd Minstrel (original version)

Would anyone here have any for of insight as to how these two speakers perform, relative to one another?

I have a pair of Minstrels, driven by a Sugden A48b.  In my previous condo, the Minstrels worked well in a small-ish sized, fairly heavily damped room.  There, they were not lacking in bass, were nice and open-sounding, and sounded good not only while sitting in the sweet spot, but also while moving about the room.

Now, in a larger room, the Minstrels are somewhat lost (not terribly so, but certainly thinner-sounding). Also, the room is more reflective, and i'm finding the Minstrels a touch zippy in the wrong frequencies at times.

I have an option to pick up a pair of Rega Elas, but before going out of my way, can anyone chime in on what to expect out of them (again, comparatively speaking)?  

I listen to a wide variety of music - no confines in the regard. Room is about 14' or 15' by 18', with hardwood floors, but also with a fair amount of furniture.