Rega Mira program mode to change Gain Settings

Does anyone recall how to adjust the 'gain settings' in the Rega Mira 3 integrated amps?  There are no internal switches (other than for the power-amp out), so I think I recall it's all from the front panel button press sequence?

Thanks for your time!


It’s easy. Turn the unit off. Then unscrew the left small cover at the back(three screws are holding it) :

1. Flip the blue dip switch to the ON position.

2. Power on the unit.

3. Select output gain level -

- Press the Tape button for a gain of 0.3V (1 LED appears on a volume circle)
- Press the Volume knob button for a gain of 0.8v (2 LEDs appear on the volume circle) (Rega Default value)
- Press Mute for a gain of 1.25V (3 LEDs appear on a volume circle)

4. Switch off the blue dip switch and replace/screw on the back cover.

5. Power off the unit, wait a few seconds, power on and enjoy!



UGH!  I am so sorry I totally missed this response!  Thank you so much for taking the time and posting great complete instructions!

I did as you listed and have it set to 1.25V for my Adcom GFA 555.

Thank you so much again!