Rega p3 and Yamaha AS1100

New rega p3 and Yamaha AS100.  Playing moderate volume between 8 to 10 o'clock runs great good quality sound. As soon I set to 11 o'clock volume on my amp, speaker start to produce chopper and vibration sound. Checked the tracking force and balance of the TT and they are ok. Run my amps on my Spotify feed at high volume and it's ok. Checked table vibration and it's ok.  I am stuck and don't know we're to start. Any help out their will be greatly appreciated. 
Exactly what I had when TT was next to the speakers! Thats how I check that my table vibration is Not OK. 

The problem is called acoustical feedback. If you have a dustcover,remove it and see if that works. If not try using one speaker at a time to find which one is causing the feedback problem. Some non suspended turntables like the Rega have this problem.
@  yogiboy ,Yes I do. I will test this tomorrow. May I ask why dustcover will give acaustical feedback?
@mario2016 , Feedback can go right up through the dustcover. You can also turn down the bass control on the Yamaha and see if that works!
Yes the selector is on MM. how far speakers need to be separated from the TT? Aside from the dust covert rial.  I will try to turn off or unplugged the subs. The subs have automatic on upon signal but running at 0 volume.
As yogiboy mentioned about acaustical feedback . Looks I need to play around the positioning of TT and speakers and the dustcover  I wish I can start doing this now, just I don't want to wake up my neighbors,, lol 

My table was low only 2 feet in height. Speakers  were apart about 7 feet . But the subs was little bit close to the TT 2 feet in distance. As I mentioned subs volume was 0 but was always turned ON as soon signal was sensed from the amps. I used the pre out of the amps to feed the subs in case want more bass on moderate volume.
I reduced the feedback or chopper vibration effect on speakers. I separate the speakers away from TT and amp more than. Put thicker rubber footing in bookshielves speakers Also put power supply of TT on power monster bar. Take off subs from my amp. Running system straight 2 channel.

I still get the feedback pass 1:00 o'clock knob of main amp but this is not my listening level anymore, which is good.  I will try to experiment to put a thick rubber mats under TT.

ThanKS guys for your inputs nd  gave me idea to trouble shoot this.