Rega RB301 VTA Adjustment other than standard?

It is to my understanding that from the factory REGA assumes one will use a REGA cartridge. I also understand that the tonearm is fixed to the base with 3 screws on 3 factory "spacers" already and with the stock felt mat the VTA is set for a REGA cartridge????? correct??? ok now my problem.

I am using a Ortofon M2Blue and have many records "standard" thickness, many 180g and a hand full of 200g.

I have messed around with removing the felt mat with the record on the glass platter just for kicks and YES I heard a big improvement.

With my new findings this past Friday night I ordered the 3 point spacer ring and a record puck.


When I get the spacer do I remove the factory spacers?

How do I know which spacer setting will allow me to play my standard and 180g without a hassle?

What is a good starting point? (do I set it for standard weight records and get a thinner felt mat for when I play my 180g records?)

Any suggestions would be awesome.



If you go for the Rega Adjustable Spacer, then you will have the option of running several different space amounts, and it is much easier to adjust/change, then by adding extra normal spacers.

If it is a stock 301 on a stock Rega table, then there should be no spacers from the factory on it.

Ortofon will suggest that you run either the 2mm or 4mm option on the spacers.

Hope this helps!

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Hi goldprintaudio

I'm confused cause under the base of the tone arm where it mounts at the 3 points...???? It seems to be raised from the factory does the spacer get mount flush on the table or on top of the 3 washers already there?

Thx again


The spacer goes right underneath the 3 points (look like washers) of the tonearm. It will be flush with the table. So the 3 tonearm "washers" will be mounted and screwed into the spacer (and the adjustable spacer gives you the option of what height adjustment amount you want).

Hope this explains it a bit better.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
yes it does, so the 3 "cylinders" that are there from the factory are infact part of the tonearm "base" and the new ring i get will be flush on the TT and then the tonearm will set on which ever spacers i feel work best???

ok i got it installed started at 4 brought it down to 2 nice on all grades of vinyl

but the record puck i got from Mitchell for the REGA TT its does not work with 180 or 200 gram records.

That stinks
2 is what I usually use also.

Glad you were able to get it installed!

Sorry about the puck. Never tried that brand on the Regas.
Hi I have a Rega w/RB-301 and I use a JA Mitchel Record Clamp, it has a burled aluminum knob and is very light, you just push down a little and it grabs the spindle (I have an upgraded groovetracer subplatter, it has a longer spindle) Pucks just sit on the record and ive found them to be worthless. I love my JA Mitchell record clamp and I use it without a mat directly on a acrylic platter (groovetracer)with no worries about scratching anything.JA Mitchel makes a REGA version for the stock spindle to! I paid around $60. hope this helps it sure made all my vinyl sound like 200+ gram records! All of them. Also I recommend Gruve Glide treatment and Wet washing used dirty records with a spin clean record washer. I love spinning vinyl.


Matt M