Reimer Tetons vs. Tyler Linbrook Signatures

Hi Folks,
I went to do a long listening test of the Watt Puppy 8's yesterday and they were certainly impressive, though not sure I was $28,000 worth of impressed, so I've decided to revisit the $7-10 range. I heard a friend's Reimer Wind Rivers and was impressed enough to set up an audition of the Tetons next week. I've also read a lot about Tyler's Signatures and was wondering about any thoughts/experiences you all might have had with these speakers. I also would appreciate other thoughts on speakers in the under 10K price range that would be tube-friendly and handle a whole variety of music - classic rock, ambient, opera, symphonic, singer-songwriter, etc. - well. Quick, clean bass is important to me, but not as important as defined, cohesive mids and highs.

I'm using Paul G's TAD 1000 tube monos and a Shanling T200 SACD player.
assuming you mean push/pull tubr friendly, i would try proac, spendor, totem, as well as your speakers named above. unless your gonna drive them to the hilt, you won't need to spend 10k to get great balanced performance.
I have a pair of PBN Montana EPX's that I am very fond of. They fit your price range and also your description of a tube friendly design.
Scott if you go to my threads started you'll see my review of the Tyler LSS (Lin Sig Sys) with my Jadis KT90 tube and cayin cd tube.(under speakers, review back in August) I had excellent resuts. Not sure what your TAD 1000 monos are but believe its much more power than my 40 watt Jadis. You should have excellent results.
Thanks, Bartokfan. My TAD's put out 60 wpc in Triode mode and 100 wpc in UL mode. So I don't think power would be an issue. I listened to the Reimers with a pair of Cary tube monos and really enjoyed what I heard. But am alway eager to hear other speakers before I make a final decision, and am hoping to get a chance to hear the Tylers. I'd also am curious about the Montana's that Jamesg suggested, but don't imagine that I'll get a chance to hear them - they look enticing.
Scott login to Tyler's web, there is a link for home audio demo, maybeone in your area. If not write to Ty maybe there is a recent customer in your area that would set up a demo.
Post your city here, which is what i did and someone wrote that I could hear the Tyler nearby.
I did that and did track down a guy in my area (NYC) who has a pair, but he just moved to a new apartment and does not have them set up in his new place yet. I'm givng him a couple of weeks. In the meantime, if anyone out there in the NYC metro area or Westchester has a pair and they'd be willing . . .