REL Gibraltar subwoofer

Anyone heard one, own one? Are they even available yet?
Anyone have an opinion on these? It's been a year and nothing out there but in-house dealer-reviews.
Update: The first G1s are to arrive in late July. Priced around 4k and should sound like a stentor/studio. Can't wait to hear it.
Word around the campfire is that they won't be available until August. They were supposedly to have started shipping this month or July, I haven't heard why there has been a delay. If I am remebering right I believe the G1 will be released first then the G2 followed by the G3. I know they designed the cabinets to be able to stack, I beleive to compete with JL(just my thought). My local dealer has a few on order, I'm hoping to hear one as soon as possible.