REL HT series subs for music?

Anyone out there using the REL HT Series (specifically I am interested in the HT/1205) for your two channel music system?  Will the HT Series work well with a two channel, music only system?  I am currently using an older pair of RELStorm III’s, and I’d like to upgrade (actually, I’m thinking of possibly using 4 subs, in a SWARM configuration).In advance, thanks for your thoughts! 
best asked of your local rel distributor... i would think the ht subs by rel are ok but perhaps not ideal
My dealer said no on the HT’s for 2 channel, just not fast enough. Great for movies (hence the Home Theater HT). Try a T or S series. The T9i is a real surprise... excellent little sub for the #. If going with a swarm concept they may work a bit better... or have fun, go big and do an S series line array!