Rel T7 vs Rythmik F12G

I was curious if anyone had an opinion on these two subs. It would be an easy decision if the F12G was not so big.

Here is my setup:
80% Music 20% TV
15x35x10 Room Dimensions containing kitchen and living room
Kef Q900s
Jolida 70w hybrid amp
NuWave DAC

I would prefer the smaller size and better looks of the Rel, since it will be in the living room, but not sure it will be strong enough for that size room.

Any thoughts would be helpful!
I'd go with the Rythmik - it is an exceptionally good sub and is certainly reasonably priced at $875. Start with one and see how that works. If that's not enough to load the room properly, get a 2nd one...

If 2 subs is "socially" unacceptable, consider getting something like the Rythmik E15HP which is a 15" sub. This sub should *easily* be able to provide all the bass output you'll ever need. Black matte version is currently on sale for $1024....