Relationship between McCormack and CJ?

I noticed that McCormack Audio and Conrad Johnson have the same mailing address in Fairfax, Virginia. Presumably McCormack was bought by CJ - what's the relationship, business-wise and technically between the two companies and their products? Are they now designed by what is effectively the same team?

I guess I'm now curious about other consolidations in the industry. I know that Madrigal and HK control fairly large ranges - who else? Is CJ bigger than first perceived too?
Steve McCormack is a consultant to Conrad Johnson, he told me this day before yesterday when we were discussing CES.
Michael Creek now owns Epos Acoustics loudspeakers. He is also a consultant to Cambridge Audio. The various versions of the A1, A2, and A3 amplifiers; and the T500 tuner are his designs.
... and Steve, if anybody didn't know it, has a new company (SMCAudio) that modifies McCormack equipment....

I have his DNA 0.5 Rev. A + amplifier & it blows away amps costing 4-5 times as much.

Their website is
Follow up yes. At CES I was talking to Lew Johnson and he introduced me to Steve McCormick. Obviously to be at CES showing off the new McCormick gear, Steve is still very active, even on a consulting basis.
While I knop from personal definition that the label "consultant" can mean a variety of things, I understood that Steve McCormack DESIGNS the products built by CJ that bear the McCormack of Virginia name. The title "consultant" is generally perceived as a lesser role than "designer", at least in product development.

Also, Steve McCormack does excellent mods, as legions on this board have attested. However, keep in mind that this service is ONLY available on products produced BEFORE the CJ buyout (i.e. DNA-2 and prior).
Hello Friends -

It is certainly no secret that McCormack Audio was purchased by the Conrad-Johnson Design Group back in 1998. It was then moved back to Virginia, where it shares its headquarters with conrad-johnson. While both companies share resources, they each maintain their separate, distinct identities.

I am still the primary designer for McCormack Audio, and have done the equipment design since the move. I also do the shows and dealer seminars. My true role, however, is as part of a design team, so I may not be responsible for every aspect of some future designs.

A good deal of my time is also taken-up by my own small business, SMc Audio. This is something I enjoy very much, as it brings me into direct contact with you folks and lets me indulge my audio imagination by rebuilding my earlier designs. I think this works-out pretty well for all concerned ;-)

Best regards,

Steve McCormack
Wow, is that cool or what? Straight from the horse's mouth. Gets my vote for the definitive post of the year. Nothing to add from anyone.
That is the coolest thing I have ever witnessed here on the 'Gon. Thank you for giving us the straight scoop Mr. McCormack.......John