repairs for Martin Logan CLS II

i have a pair of martin logan cls ii pushed by audio research sp-14 preamp and cl-60 power amp. the right speaker seems to have malfunctioned/blown. it is lacking in volume and power compared to the left speaker and also produces a hissing noise similar to that of a blown speaker cone.

i'd like to know if anyone has experienced this and how much will it cost to get repairs done. where should i go to get it done and if there are other options such as purchasing replacement panels (how much?) and replace it myself.

thanks for all your help and comments.
Before you spend any money, try unplugging the bad speaker and vacuuming both sides of the diaphragm. A foreign object could be causing this problem.

I repaired a similar problem with an Audiostatic SW-100 (it was delayed action shipping damage in my case, which caused most of the diaphragm's charge to migrate to the problem area).

I had this same problem with my martin logan Ascent speakers. A component in the crossover network has failed. You will need to talk with martin logan and arrange an exchange of your crossoverl.
thanks for the info, after vacuuming the panel the lack of power issue seems to be solved. there is still a popping noise at moderate volume. maybe i didnt vacuum thoroughly enough or another problem exist. i will try vacuuming again and see how it goes. again, thanks for the help.

There is a teqnuique on there about washing the panel in the shower. Not Kidding.
A few other things: Check the power fuse on the bad speaker. It might be bad, or not in tight. Also, there is a little IC chip on the main PC board inside the electronics chassis which sometimes fails, producing the problem you describe. Take the top off the electronics box, (DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!) and check to see if the little LED on the circuit board is glowing. If it's not, then the IC chip has gone bye bye! Jim Power at ML will send you new ones, but they're only a couple bucks at your local electronics supply store. If you think that might be it, let me know and I'll try and help you further.