Replace Macbook into Oppo with Lumin T2 for streamer/DAC?

I’m currently using Qobuz on a Macbook Pro (via USB) into an Oppo 105D as a makeshift DAC/streamer combo. The Lumin T2 seems like a significant step up as a DAC/streamer. I’d appreciate any advice on the upside or downside of the Lumin T2.
I understand there are many other DAC/streamer/server/ripper options available. I’m specifically interested in feedback on the Lumin T2 with Qobuz. Cheers.
The unmodified Oppo 105, which I own, does not contain a high performance DAC by today's standards.  Many not very expensive separate DACs can provide far higher SQ.  That being said, if the 105 satisfies you, an expenditure on an expensive high performance streamer will not likely produce a worth-the-expenditure increase in SQ that will be limited by the 105.  But it's your money.  The best SQ starts with, but does not end with, the DAC.

FWIW I believe in separates rather than all-in-one units.  That way they can be upgraded without throwing everything out.
I’ve had a T2 for 16 months. I use it with Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify, and have been very satisfied with it. The build quality and sound production are excellent. I use its analog XLR outputs into my McIntosh C2600 preamp.

The Lumin app is basic, and aside from a few bugs it provides solid functionally (I use it on an iPad pro). It provides basic search functions and basic playlist management. It works, but it’s pretty limited.

The T2 has always supported Spotify Connect, and recently they upgraded their firmware to support Tidal Connect. This allows you to use the dedicated Spotify and Tidal apps, which are far better than the Lumin app. These apps, among other things, are able to tap into both services curation features that the Lumin app does not. It is a huge advance. I’m hopeful that Qobuz will follow with a "Qobuz Connect" feature and that Lumin will likewise support it. When/If Qobuz does this, I will be dropping Tidal, as I'm not really an MQA guy.

I am not a Roon user, so I can’t comment on the T2 with Roon. I choose not to use Roon because I do not want yet another PC to maintain, and appreciate that the T2 is a self contained component (I turn it on and it just works).

my $.02