replace Mcintosh with Luxman

I am about to sell my Mcintosh 611s and replace with 2 Luxman c900u.. I live in Alaska, outside of Anchorage, and there is no retail sales of mid to high end gear in this state.  No opportunity to listen to amps before I purchase unless I travel to lower 48.  Anybody have an opinion on going from Mcintosh to Luxman.


Thank you!! do you have any particular reason for that recommendation.. I have not had a chance to audition the Luxman m10x yet.  thanks again.. 

For my part I have found more audio reproduction similarities between McIntosh amplification and Luxman amplification than dissimilarities however I have generally felt that Luxman exhibited micro detail better than the Mc amps , slightly cleaner in transigents , both manufacturers produce amplification that tends to deliver a harmonically rich comfortable listening experience however I would go Luxman for the slight nuances that I have alluded to .  

The minute I made the switch to the Luxman I heard a boost in bass.  Its my opinion the Luxman are better than the Mcintosh  in every way.  I was using a Lyngdorf mp60 a/v processor for movies and two channel.  I currently got the Linn Climax DSM and Magico S7s and moved the S5s in the back surround position.  For the money I don't think the Luxman can be beat.  Jay of Jays Audio Lab did a review of Luxman on you tube that I thought was accurate and influenced me to switch yo the Luxman.  

Awesome!! glad to hear that.. I have the Luxman D03x DAC/CD player.. The DAC on the Luxman is so much more luxurious, exceptional clarity and rich compared to the DAC on the Mcintosh mc53 . I have tried them both with the Lumin streamer that I have and I love the Luxman. That is the reason where I am in awe of the Luxman brand and I started to have the itch on maybe moving from the mc462 to the m10x.. And I am still well within the one year full trade up window with my dealer here. This feedback really helps.. Do you include any subs with your setup? The A3 goes down to 26Hz.. Just curious what did you end up paying for the previous versions of the Luxman Amps.. The 10x is at listed $20K..

The minute I made the switch to the Luxman I heard a boost in bass.  


In terms of solid state, I can't argue with you, especially the extension and control in the bass.  Maybe this is why I'm less interested in a sub for music?  While the mid and treble are very liquid and smooth I can also see where a real tube-phile would still stick to tubes.

If I had spare cash I'd probably really like trying the Luxman tube integrateds for a while too.